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Step one is to “Discuss” your situation with one of our highly trained consultants to determine if credit repair is the right option.

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Step two is to “Delete” the inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable items from your credit reports that are harming your scores.

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Step three is to “Delight” in the fact you can accomplish your financial goals and buy the things you want with your newly restored credit

Meet the Experts

Dave Fulk, President
Dave oversees the day-to-day operations and promotes the growth of the company. National Credit Federation, commonly referred to as NCF, is a nationwide, membership-based organization. Their mission is to help their members who are currently in or have successfully come through a financial crisis, take back control of their finances and credit, allowing them to achieve their financial dreams. Read More
Herschel Bentley, C.E.O.
Herschel Bentley has been in the credit and lending business for over 30 years. A serial entrepreneur and nationally-recognized speaker and expert on credit, Herschel’s passion is helping people obtain the personal and business objectives they have regardless of credit history. Read More


These articles can help you steer through the forest of credit restoration. Get the latest news and trends in the ever-changing world of credit repair.

Do You Need To Get A Chip Card?

April 21, 2015

The trusty old credit card is getting a major update — but is our country ready? You may be familiar with “chip and PIN” cards, those high-tech credit cards that actually contain a small microchip. Traditional credit cards use a magnetic stripe to process payments, but this technology is inherently problematic. Between dubious card reader practices […]

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NCF’s Tuesday Tidbits

“Job Well Done” “Just wanted to say thanks to Monique and her team at NCF for a job well done thanks to Monique she really has helped my credit score improve to the point that I’m in the process of being able to be considered for a mortgage. A year ago that wasn’t a possibility. […]

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NCF’s Tuesday Tidbits

April 14, 2015

 “Above and Beyond” I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your hard work on my case. You have gone above and beyond to help me in every way of the process through recommendations, guidance and overall the best service I could ever ask for. I will definitely refer you to anyone […]

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What Our Client Say About Us

“This is Susan, I’m a real estate broker. Me and my husband had credit issues mainly as a result of a very ill child. We had lots of medical bills and got behind when my husband was out of a job for a little while. We used National Credit Federation’s services and our FICO scores […]